Amazon Fashion Recommender

Amazon Fashion Recommender Used Amazon Product Advertising API to gather data locally and used those files for Recommendation Used Two Approaches Natural Language Processing on Product Description Convolutional Neural Network on Product Images Look at the Notebooks for more details

Defense GAN & Physical Adversarial Examples

Abstract This project discuss the transferability of state of the art defense techniques for adversarial examples for deep learning systems in the physical domain. The paper explores using adversarial attacks using the Fast Gradient Sign Method (FGSM), Carlini & Wagner (CW) and DeepFool attacks to generate adversarial images that are given to the classifier as a digital and physically transformed image.

Hyper Face

Abstract A multi-task learning convolutional neural network for the purpose of performing landmark localization and other correlated tasks is studied and analysed in this project. A different and more challenging task around landmark localization than the one implemented originally is studied using a HyperFace architecture.

Self Driving Cars

Problem Definition We are here building a minimal version of self driving car. Here, we have a front camera view. This will transfer input to the computer. Then Deep Learning algorithm in computer predicts the steering angle to avoid all sorts of collisions.